Monday, September 6, 2010

Book suggestions

I just finished my last book and I haven't picked out the next one yet. So I come to the bloggers for help, what book should I read next?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Healthy again and back at school

I've finally gotten over my mono and moved back to school. My extra two weeks of summer will be sorely missed as it's finally time to get back to work. And school work is what I'll be doing, this will by far be the hardest semester for me yet. Organic chemistry, physics, and plant genetics are the three life-killer classes I've got and I'm especially not looking forward to plant genetics.

But there is good news, college football has finally started and ESPN has once again became a relevent channel. The season has definitely gotten started off on the right foot, hasn't it? I would have to say I'm most pleased to see the Pitt Panthers lose their opener and can't wait till they release the updated polls. I'll predict a slip to at least 18th, but I'd love to see them fall into the 20s. The way I see it it's always a good thing when Pitt loses.

And finally the last bit of newsworthy information about my life is that I finally went to Kildare's the new restraunt that opened up where Hooters used to be. I wasn't super impressed, the food was just okay and they were out of what seemed like half the menu. I guess they still have to get used to a football weekend in this town.

That's all for now, hope I helped put a few of you to sleep.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


First things first welcome to the blog. This is my first try at this kind of thing so bear with me as I figure it out, although it's not like anyone will read this anyways. I'm not going to take this opportunity to jump right in and tell you my life story you'll have to sit back and wait for that. Instead I'd rather just keep posting up various drunken and sober rants about school, life, politics, love, sports and so on. So sit back and enjoy the ride or not, it doesn't matter to me.

Subject Zero

PS-here is me in 20 years.